Insurance Information

Mestemacher Clinic for Women maintains a highly-qualified off-site billing department, which attempts to work closely with each patient for the management of her account.

We participate with most major insurance plans, but we don't participate in TennCare or TriCare plans.

After your visit, we will file your insurance, and then send you a statement each month to show what balance is owed.

Please know that many services are not covered in full by your insurance company.

It's helpful to review your benefits prior to your visit, to get an idea of what's normally covered.

Paying Your Bill

If you have questions about your account or your bill, you may contact our billing department electronically or by telephone.

Here are your options:

Pay Your Bill Online

Call our Billing Department: (901) 255-5228

Fax our Billing Department: (901) 202-8546